Content Blackout is a small tech-startup based in Brooklyn, NY. It was started in 2010, and subsequently bought by Klout. Though most prominent for their social media application, the Perfect Human Application, the company moonlighted as audio engineers and consultants for the performing arts venue Brooklyn Academy of Music before being acquired by Klout in 2012. Klout, despite ownership, continues to fund their endeavors, and supports their research and development of The Perfect Human Application

The Beginning

In 2010, Isaac Weinstein, Sam Heartfield, and Jeremy Berger decided to turn their drunken laments into a profit. The group had met during their freshman year at NYU, where all three studied sound engineering. After graduation, they founded Content Blackout, a small company devoted to creating new media tools that aimed to inject critical discourse into function.


Thank You Klout

In 2012, Klout saw them as a potential threat to their social media application, and acquired the company. Isaac now works as senior engineer and manager of the Content Blackout team at Klout, but the other two men are nowhere to be found — they seem to have fallen off the face of the traceable universe.